We invite all creative minds to take part in the design competition for the 35th Heidelberg Symposium! We are looking for a design concept for the motto “AufBruch” (departure, breakup or decampment), which will include the logo, posters, flyers, social media and our website.

The HCWK e. V. is an independent, non-political and interdisciplinary student initiative whose aim is to strengthen interdisciplinary exchange between students and exceptional personalities. This is why we organize an annual three-day symposium, bringing together speakers from a wide range of disciplines and around 1000 students.

Instead of an overarching theme, the Heidelberg Symposium brings together a wide range of topics under one leitmotif. This year’s theme for the symposium is “AufBruch” (departure, breakup or decampment). We are looking for a corporate design for this theme. Specifically, we are looking for design proposals for a versatile logo (social media, T-shirts, merchandise, posters) and for a DIN A1 poster. Of course, other ideas are welcome, but are not a prerequisite for participation.

The prize money is the Heidelberg Art and Culture Prize of €500 for the best design.

To take part in the competition for the corporate design for the 35th Heidelberg Symposium, please fill out the registration form and send it to us together with your design by January 14, 2024 to einsendungen@hcwk.de

If you have any questions, you can reach us via social media (Facebook, Instagram, X) or by email at pr@hcwk.de

We look forward to receiving your submissions and ideas!

Please note: Our call for entries is primarily aimed at students and amateurs who are interested in design and would like to support a charitable event in order to apply and expand their (design) skills. The rights of use of the submitted designs (with the exception of the selected design - more details in the registration form) naturally remain with the participants.